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Action Sports Experts

Consul8 was founded in 2016 by Bruno Gujer on his return to Switzerland after having spent 10 years at the head of Volcom Europe in the south-west of France. The first 2 years were related to action sport business developments with awesome brands.

Then exactly when Bruno started to miss the surf, the opportunity came up to build Alaïa from scratch. 4 years later Alaïa Chalet and Alaïa Bay were running smoothly and Bruno could get back to his other clients. Currently Consul8 is available for both action sport business development and wave pool projects.

Why work with us

We are your Specialist in Action Sport & Wavepool Business

Project Management

10 years
experience in civil-engineering
project management

Action Sports

25 years
of action sport management
Retail, Distribution & CEO of Volcom Europe for 10 years


4 years
of wave pool project management
CEO & project manager at Alaïa from day 1 to Alaïa Bay opening

How to collaborate?

We adapt our Services to your needs

  • Our scope of services covers every aspect of the project needs from planning to operations

  • We are here to help you to deliver your project within schedule and budget

  • Our experience will help you save time and most probably a lot of money

How to proceed?

Let`s chat about your project

  • We can start with a free interview to find out how we can help you
  • Then pick a support version: by the hour, for a full project or even a full-time position during the project like Alaïa.

  • Please ask for any advice

Recent Consulting Projects

Action Sports Business • Wavepools

Jones Snowboards
Jones Snowboards
Nidecker Group
Nidecker Group
Alaia Bay
Alaïa Bay
Alaia Chalet
Alaïa Chalet
Surf Village

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What we do and how we do it

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Let`s chat about your project

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